I Want To Have A Light-Skinned Baby: The Affects Of Colorism On Black Adolescent Females


ts-134028063-african-american-girl-school-istock-14259556-dean-mitchellToday in a small group of teenage girls that consisted of one Asian-Haitian-American female, one Haitian-American female and one African-American female,

seemingly out of nowhere, the Haitian-American (a chestnut complected girl) blurted out,

“I date White boys because I want to have a light-skinned baby.”

She didn’t say that she wants to marry a loving man and have healthy children, but that she wants to have a light-skinned baby.

Before I could comment, the African-American girl in the group (she’s about copper complected) quickly agreed with her (although her current boyfriend is deep chestnut complected), that she too wanted light-skinned babies.

I then turned the the Asian-Haitian-American girl and asked her if she too wanted to have light-skinned children. She replied with the sensible answer, that she didn’t care how her kids came out. The other two girls quickly jumped in and said, “That’s because she is already light-skinned.”


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The first thing I learned as an entrepreneur is decisiveness. I blame it on being a scorpio! I’m the girl that sends the waitress back more than 3 times because I haven’t decided on what I want to eat, and just when I think I’ve touched every base the waiter hits me with another question that throws off my game “and would you like the soup or salad with that?”  My mind goes nuts, not knowing there were more options to pick from and at that  point you are on the spot to make another well calculated decision you will not regret.

Indecisiveness is a way of life for me, but being an entrepreneur you have to be decisive. Life is too short and time waits for no one. When I quit my job to embark on my entrepreneurship journey the Boys II Men’s  Cooley High Harmony “Its So Hard To Say GoodBye To Yesterday” song would stalk me for weeks, wake me up in the middle of the night second guessing my decision. I wanted to make sure that I was making a decision I wouldn’t regret, but I realized that I wouldn’t know whether I would regret my decision or not if I didn’t go through with it. It was the perfectionist in me, wanting to control everything and have everything make sense but I’ve learned that life never goes the way we plan, and life loves throwing curve balls so the only way to feel a sense of control without being controlling is to be open to change.

If you are a perfectionist remember that life doesn’t use people who are perfect to complete it’s missions, its the underdog the imperfect that come out on top. Life doesn’t ask for perfection society does life just ask that you try whether it be good or terrible, effort is always noted.





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