Letting the universe do as it pleases with you is the most difficult idea your mind will ever try to grasp. Why wouldn’t you want to be in control of your future of the events in your life?

We are told that our futures our up to ourselves to create and if we are not where we want to be in life its no one else but our faults. This kind of advice may cause you to believe that you are behind in your goals, causing you to seek out options that will help you get to your goals faster.

I know I’ve written many post about patience but I truly believe in the power of patience. Its one of those classic clique like Rome wasn’t built in one day but when it stood it became one of many empires on which the sun never sets. Don’t be fooled by those get rich quick schemes passion and hard work is what fuels them and its not easy at all.

Get-rich-quick schemes are for the lazy & unambitious. Respect your dreams enough to pay the full price for them – Steve Maraboli



This morning I wanted to wake up and inspire somebody. I know I wake up somedays and feel like I am doing everything all wrong and that I should quit while I’m a head of myself. So this is for those of you who feel like your stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do.

Look to the Stars

Who are the people in your industry that are doing great at what you want to do. Sometimes its a good idea to look towards the pros and see what they are doing and recreate it adding your own twist to it. Our uniqueness is what makes us all special, so try out your creativity and see how far it will take you.

Take a Break

Sometimes your mind, body, and soul are just over worked. You’ve been trying so hard and you want to keep going but the facts of life are stronger than our will sometimes.  You need to take a break to regroup. I know it sucks, cause I hate myself for it sometimes and feel like I’m being lazy but you know what the next day I am a lot more productive and my ideas are so fresh I can’t believe it myself. Allow yourself to rest and don’t feel bad about it.

Seek Out Criticism

When I’m stuck and I feel like I’m at a dead end I get really desperate and I go to my toughest critic my MOTHER! leave it to here to tell it like it is and she makes sure it burns and stings. Believe it or not it motives me cause now I know what I am doing or not doing. What was a dead end for me is now a clear path to continue moving towards my goals. It doesn’t have to be your mother, it can be someone you trust and know has your best interest at heart of course. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like criticism of any kind I suggest that you change your mindset because your “haters” are a great source of motivation.



Photograph by Ludwick Francois YouTube: LGskaters

I use to call myself the “What If girl” because I would worry about everything. Finally I came to a point in my life I just stop trying to fight the facts of life. We’ve all been through that phase where we question everything about life, like Why are we here? What happens after I die? Why is there pain and suffering here? Why does life have to be the way that it is?

You do not have to accept what we as human being have done to our society, but once you accept the universe for who she is you will find that your life is a lot more peaceful. I use to afraid to leave my house in the morning and go our for a run by myself. Then I figured if I am careful as in pay attention to my surrounding, every now and then have a running partner, and enjoy myself. I found that I worried a lot less because I was able to ease my own worries by acknowledging them.

Now the owner of a cute little dog named : and a cat I call mimi, believe it or not I was once afraid of dogs. Terrified of dogs people who knew me and found out about my new friends were astonished at my change in life. I would call up friends ahead of time before a visit to have them lock up their pets where they needed to I did not care. Well, guess who started hanging around more and more dogs! Yes I was willing to leave my comfort zone and try something new.

Something as small as having the television on as I went to bed was an addiction for me, but I would become so distracted at night that I would fall asleep so late. It wasn’t much a fear as it was an addiction, so I thought! When I finally decided to remove my television from my bedroom I was left to listen to my thoughts at night and they haunted me. I was on the brink of giving up the overthinking I was going through was a difficult experience for my its amazing how much your own mind can play games on you. I did it and I am proud of myself for it.

Facing your fears is a matter of acknowledging them, facing them, and just going through with it. I never said it was easy, but I am saying that it is possible!




I’m a walking contradiction and that bothered me for so long because I was concerned that other people would see me as a mess. Frankly, I do think a lot of the times other people see me as a mess,but one thing about life is that tomorrow isn’t promised and the more we spend on the hypothetical and unknown the more time we waste.

Life is meant to be experienced and its important to stop trying to control every situation so that we come out on top. Sit back and enjoy the ride crazy or fun take life as it comes, one day at a time. Worrying about how you look in front of others only stops you from being great.

I know being embarrassed is such a shameful feeling because it brings up insecurities we try so hard to bury. The things we are sensitive about are best not left buried in the back of your mind, acknowledge them that way its easy to deal with them.

I started doing beauty youtube videos and I was so terrified at first, I spoke to my mother about it worried that I would be made fun of. I’m not the prettiest girl in the world and I wasn’t a huge fan of my nose at the time, her words were “So what! you already know you have a small nose, so what if someone points it out.” I thought, I am already aware of my insecurities so if someone points it out the most I can do is agree.

When you worry less about being embarrassed you put in your all you don’t worry about what someone is going to say or perceive you as. Most of the time no one has anything to say and it was your own conjured up fears haunting you.

Don’t tip toe around life jump in and enjoy it.


I am the cheesiest corniest person I’ve ever met.  I grew up on Barney and all the rules he laid out for all the kids on the playground. live by the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. At first glance a lot of people like my personality and it also takes some people to warm up as it can come off as being fake.

Since I can remember I have always been told not to change the person that I am, but for the longest I’ve wanted to change who I am! I was tired of being so predictable. It took me some time to finally realize that we are all born into a circumstance and for some reason a lot of us make the mistake of trying to change our envoirment in order to reach a change in ourselves.

I’ve come to realize that its our mind that must do the changing. If we can change the way we think we can change who we are and the people we choose to keep around us. It all happens as a domino effect and this is how you learn to become confident in who you are and in time love who you are. Remember that it all starts with your mindset decide what you want to do and it will happen for you.


I say always follow your heart and do what makes you feel right, but what happens when you feel stuck in a rut. Sometimes it feels like you are ready to conform to something that makes you feel uneasy all because you are comparing yourself to everyone around you. See I understood you even before we ended this post, I already knew what was on your mind. Stop comparing yourself to other people around you because (1) you do not know their story or struggle (2) You are not them everyone is unique and has their own style of doing things.

Your only goal in life is to be the best version of YOU! When you compare you to yourself its attainable and measurable. Imagine trying to lose weight and constantly comparing yourself to someone else’s weight loss journey. You will definitely be discouraged because you will not have the same weight loss diet, exercise plan, or goal! if you take progress pictures of yourself, monitor your own weight, and try on your own clothes to see how much weight you’ve lost. Those are all great indicators of YOUR progress, although it sounds selfish you should be your main focus.


IMG_0019The Wait is a book written by my favorite actress Megan Good and her husband Pastor Devon Franklin. It’s about the vow the couple took to experience sex with each other after marriage. The book recalls their introduction to each other the obstacles they had to overcome individually and as a unit aa well as how they ended up married.

I love their book THE WAIT, and highly recommend it, not just for someone who is deciding wheter or not to be celibate before marriage, but because Its a timeless and universal story about patiences. I believe patiences is an important trait to learn to control, after being a banker for two years of my life I will not allow myself to complain about time and having to patient with it.

I believe time is yours you are in control of it and you decide how you spend it, we all try and manage our money but what about time management its an essential part of life. Realize that life happens that you might plan on going to the store to pick up milk to then realize that a car accident has occurred and now a five minute errand has now elongated itself to an hour. The time you put into getting what you want is worthwhile because you know how much energy you used in order to meet your goal. The patience you put into delaying something now for a bigger reward later is a feeling no one can take from you.

Now if there is a goal that your are trying to reach and you know its going to take time and perseverance this book a great read to help keep you motivated and in the way to your dreams and aspirations.





Picture taken by Kay in St.Marteen

There are times when you need someone, and nobodies by your side. This is the time to find peace within you and life.** It is difficult if you are a very social person or if you have that one best friend that you always go to, to talk about anything and everything. What happens when there is no one around. This is why it is important to learn to be your own friend and love yourself. Some people don’t have peace in life so they can’t stand to sit and be with their own thoughts, but if you can’t stand to be with you what makes you believe someone else will be able to stand you? For the moments we have no being we can find life in other places here is where I go.

The B-I-B-L-E

I go to the Rock, while many people spend their time dissecting the Bible, if you really use it for what it is meant for you will find it as a great source of inspiration and motivation, that age old book has a resolution for any life experience you are going through. The book is so raw uncut and real how much more pragmatic can you get. I mean they’ve seen it all in that book from how to have faith when you no longer believe in yourself to ways to cope with death. In this day in age I know not to many people like to read, that is why I’m so happy that there are actually people who read my blog, THANK YOU! there is youtube you can type in a chapter of the bible and listen to someone read it to you. whether you eat it or drink it at least you’re getting the word.


I love YouTube! There are so many different sides to YouTube, I remember spending an hour looking at videos of kittens! yes that side of YouTube. If you can think of it type it in and you will find it. Sometimes when I am down and I need some kind of motivation or pep talk I will type “Motivational Speeches” into the search menu and begin listening to video after video of inspiration and my mood instantly changes. There is something about hearing so many words of positivity being spoken unto you, it transcended your mind and uplifts your spirit.


You guys thought I blog because I hope one day I can make money off my blogs right! Well yes,  hopefully one day I can get paid to do something I love doing, but in all actually I blog because I have so much in my mind I need to get out. It was not at all enough for me to just get my thoughts out in a journal, but I thought maybe I could help someone else. You never know who might be going through the same thing as you and needs your unsolicited help. I love reading blogs and I’ve found so many answers to the things I’ve needed help for just from reading other peoples blogs. Its important to know that sometimes when your feeling down and uninspired helping someone else feel uplifted and inspired does help you too.

*If you can read that like the chorus in Common’s – The Light, song then we understand each other completeley.