Have you ever been to an organizations event and expected more? I don’t know if you are like me but I’ve always expected the most. I’ve been disappointed so many times by business events because I read too much into their flyer or expected them to live up to their brands name. I’m starting to get use to it, I forget that brands are out to make money and unless a business owner is try to not make money, they won’t be giving out too much that they can barging for.

I say all this to remind you too keep things simple with your business don’t do too much when it comes to marketing. People feel comfortable with your brand when they feel they can trust you to deliver and be an expert in your field. Bright lights and fireworks are great or attracting new clients but when the excitement is over will they continue to be your customer? Focus on your loyal customers because they are the ones who choose to work with you the most.




I enjoy talking to new people, because  everyone is so unique. I think if you are not use to people its hard to walk up to stranger and network. So, I like to get lost in a a good book, sometimes  a book can give you a total new perspective on life. How might reading books help you with networking? Well, it doesn’t help you meet new people but it does open your mind to new marketing ideas which can bring more sales into your business. Also when it comes to net working it allows you to be more interesting, when speaking with someone you’ve never met before. Reading books that allow you to think differently also makes you unique. When you feel like you need help elevating your conversation skills spend sometimes alone reading a new book, that will pay off big time for you. The more you know the more you grow!