Its amazing how being a business major has so much to do with my faith in God. Business is such a fickle subject because it depends on so many things you cannot control. As many number as an accountant can crunch into a word file he can’t explain what the people will decide to accept and won’t hence why we constantly fail, but as entrepreneurs we try and try again until our idea finds it’s moment.

  1. When you treat people right in customer service you get back more than you bargain for. Jesus’s overall teachings were to love one another unconditionally even past negativity, and I’ve been in customer service for years and I realized the nicer I am to people the more they want to buy from me and work with me, but I’m not just nice I’m genuine and honest, and in a world where everyone feels like someone is trying to get one over on them, its a good benefit. Authenticity is rare and when you come across it, its like a treasure.

2. You can’t control everything no matter how much hard work you put into your service or product you might feel like its going no where but guess what just like in christianity your are not in control. Your power is in your actions the universe does not ask that you take on the challenges of the world it only ask that you do your part and slowly but surely things will come together.

3. Speaking of slowly, Patience is an ultimate virtue, with out patience you will quit whatever it is you are trying to do and you will fail. Don’t rush into anything because it deprives you of growth and development. Take your time and don’t let this fast paced world make you feel like you have to keep up with its standards.