Photograph by Ludwick Francois YouTube: LGskaters

I use to call myself the “What If girl” because I would worry about everything. Finally I came to a point in my life I just stop trying to fight the facts of life. We’ve all been through that phase where we question everything about life, like Why are we here? What happens after I die? Why is there pain and suffering here? Why does life have to be the way that it is?

You do not have to accept what we as human being have done to our society, but once you accept the universe for who she is you will find that your life is a lot more peaceful. I use to afraid to leave my house in the morning and go our for a run by myself. Then I figured if I am careful as in pay attention to my surrounding, every now and then have a running partner, and enjoy myself. I found that I worried a lot less because I was able to ease my own worries by acknowledging them.

Now the owner of a cute little dog named : and a cat I call mimi, believe it or not I was once afraid of dogs. Terrified of dogs people who knew me and found out about my new friends were astonished at my change in life. I would call up friends ahead of time before a visit to have them lock up their pets where they needed to I did not care. Well, guess who started hanging around more and more dogs! Yes I was willing to leave my comfort zone and try something new.

Something as small as having the television on as I went to bed was an addiction for me, but I would become so distracted at night that I would fall asleep so late. It wasn’t much a fear as it was an addiction, so I thought! When I finally decided to remove my television from my bedroom I was left to listen to my thoughts at night and they haunted me. I was on the brink of giving up the overthinking I was going through was a difficult experience for my its amazing how much your own mind can play games on you. I did it and I am proud of myself for it.

Facing your fears is a matter of acknowledging them, facing them, and just going through with it. I never said it was easy, but I am saying that it is possible!



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