I’m a walking contradiction and that bothered me for so long because I was concerned that other people would see me as a mess. Frankly, I do think a lot of the times other people see me as a mess,but one thing about life is that tomorrow isn’t promised and the more we spend on the hypothetical and unknown the more time we waste.

Life is meant to be experienced and its important to stop trying to control every situation so that we come out on top. Sit back and enjoy the ride crazy or fun take life as it comes, one day at a time. Worrying about how you look in front of others only stops you from being great.

I know being embarrassed is such a shameful feeling because it brings up insecurities we try so hard to bury. The things we are sensitive about are best not left buried in the back of your mind, acknowledge them that way its easy to deal with them.

I started doing beauty youtube videos and I was so terrified at first, I spoke to my mother about it worried that I would be made fun of. I’m not the prettiest girl in the world and I wasn’t a huge fan of my nose at the time, her words were “So what! you already know you have a small nose, so what if someone points it out.” I thought, I am already aware of my insecurities so if someone points it out the most I can do is agree.

When you worry less about being embarrassed you put in your all you don’t worry about what someone is going to say or perceive you as. Most of the time no one has anything to say and it was your own conjured up fears haunting you.

Don’t tip toe around life jump in and enjoy it.


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