Call it being stubborn, but when you have a dream to create something with purpose and not just aim to make money. Its difficult to water down or compromise the integrity of your idea. I was recently contacted by my best friend, she was so excited about  a free business event she found on social media she signed herself up and me as well. It was exciting to think that we’d be in front of a very successful business man and having him inspire us with advice.

Well, if its too good to be true then it is, I showed up thirty minutes late to the business event and as soon as I sat down I realized this was a waste of time. After the stress of paying for parking 3 times in the wrong place my GPS lead me to, I was holding on to the hope that this business event would be worthwhile. Sadly it was worth it for about 4 out of 40 people in that room.

The meeting was a set up to prey on people who wanted to be rich not entrepreneurs. It was a deal to use a famous persons name and connections in the industry to help build  a brand or create an idea for you, for $5000. Since we were at that meeting it would cost about $2,000 and we would be able to bring a plus one for free. It was like watching an informercial, I wouldn’t say it was a scam, but the event was advertised in a misleading way.

I think its important as an entrepreneur to realize that your hard work and persistence is the only thing that will help you build what it is that you want to create. There are people who will prey on you because they know you have “a dollar and a dream” and get you to feel like they will help you when they don’t. Its important to stay focused on your success and be patient. As an entrepreneur your ultimate goal is to create magic, take an idea that is in your mind and have it come to life. Its a journey to be appreciated, although there might be a lot of ways to get rich quick there is only one way to take your idea and bring it to life and that is through faith and persistence.


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