cube-six-gambling-play-37524Today is the day I take full control of my life, my actions, and my destiny. We are all born with a voice inside that wants to lead us to our full potential but just like happiness it is something you have to create for yourself and by yourself. As you can see self-awareness is truly important when fate is a factor, but when do you know you are ready to take that leap of faith and just follower your destiny.

When you realize that you are in control. Its always easy to blame our parents, teachers, friends, and so many other people for why our life isn’t the way we want it to be. “My parents didn’t teach me how to manage money so I have none. ‘My friends always want to go out so I can never save money.” There are so many excuse we can come up with, as to why we can’t do something or have something. Have you ever stopped to think that you are in control of your life and what ever you want you can have. Its that simple if you want a million dollars you can go out and and get a million dollars but you need to have the discipline and hard work associated in achieving that goal. When you realize that no one other than you is in control of your own work ethic you are almost ready to risk it all.

When you feel fear but ignore it. Talk about risk taking, having a sense of fear is our bodies way of telling us to beware of the unknown and that we are about to go against our natural survival instincts. If you aren’t use to taking any risk your mind will convince you that EVERYTHING is scary! Take it from me I am the biggest “scaredy cat” in the world. I would convince myself that everything was dangerous, until I realized that I only had one life to live and I couldn’t live up to my fullest potential if I was always scared. Challenge yourself by taking more calculating risk for example if the worst that can happen is you getting your feelings hurt you really don’t have much to lose but some of your ego which I promise, you can gain back.

When your willing to sacrifice. The definition of sacrifice is when you are willing to give up, lose, or destroy something you hold in high regards that is precious to you for the sake of something else, in this case, you are passionate about. When you are willing to give up sleep, money, your job, or junk food for something you want you have just proved how committed you are to your quest and makes you a lot closer to your destination. The sense commitment that sacrifice brings about is great step because you have created purpose for yourself and purpose is the most important part of motivation in any field that will help you do things you never thought you could do. Like waking up early in the morning to get work done or getting over you anxiety to take to people you wouldn’t think twice about. When you are willing to sacrifice for what you want you have opened up a path of opportunity for yourself.


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