I say always follow your heart and do what makes you feel right, but what happens when you feel stuck in a rut. Sometimes it feels like you are ready to conform to something that makes you feel uneasy all because you are comparing yourself to everyone around you. See I understood you even before we ended this post, I already knew what was on your mind. Stop comparing yourself to other people around you because (1) you do not know their story or struggle (2) You are not them everyone is unique and has their own style of doing things.

Your only goal in life is to be the best version of YOU! When you compare you to yourself its attainable and measurable. Imagine trying to lose weight and constantly comparing yourself to someone else’s weight loss journey. You will definitely be discouraged because you will not have the same weight loss diet, exercise plan, or goal! if you take progress pictures of yourself, monitor your own weight, and try on your own clothes to see how much weight you’ve lost. Those are all great indicators of YOUR progress, although it sounds selfish you should be your main focus.


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