IMG_0019The Wait is a book written by my favorite actress Megan Good and her husband Pastor Devon Franklin. It’s about the vow the couple took to experience sex with each other after marriage. The book recalls their introduction to each other the obstacles they had to overcome individually and as a unit aa well as how they ended up married.

I love their book THE WAIT, and highly recommend it, not just for someone who is deciding wheter or not to be celibate before marriage, but because Its a timeless and universal story about patiences. I believe patiences is an important trait to learn to control, after being a banker for two years of my life I will not allow myself to complain about time and having to patient with it.

I believe time is yours you are in control of it and you decide how you spend it, we all try and manage our money but what about time management its an essential part of life. Realize that life happens that you might plan on going to the store to pick up milk to then realize that a car accident has occurred and now a five minute errand has now elongated itself to an hour. The time you put into getting what you want is worthwhile because you know how much energy you used in order to meet your goal. The patience you put into delaying something now for a bigger reward later is a feeling no one can take from you.

Now if there is a goal that your are trying to reach and you know its going to take time and perseverance this book a great read to help keep you motivated and in the way to your dreams and aspirations.


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