Picture taken by Kay in St.Marteen

There are times when you need someone, and nobodies by your side. This is the time to find peace within you and life.** It is difficult if you are a very social person or if you have that one best friend that you always go to, to talk about anything and everything. What happens when there is no one around. This is why it is important to learn to be your own friend and love yourself. Some people don’t have peace in life so they can’t stand to sit and be with their own thoughts, but if you can’t stand to be with you what makes you believe someone else will be able to stand you? For the moments we have no being we can find life in other places here is where I go.

The B-I-B-L-E

I go to the Rock, while many people spend their time dissecting the Bible, if you really use it for what it is meant for you will find it as a great source of inspiration and motivation, that age old book has a resolution for any life experience you are going through. The book is so raw uncut and real how much more pragmatic can you get. I mean they’ve seen it all in that book from how to have faith when you no longer believe in yourself to ways to cope with death. In this day in age I know not to many people like to read, that is why I’m so happy that there are actually people who read my blog, THANK YOU! there is youtube you can type in a chapter of the bible and listen to someone read it to you. whether you eat it or drink it at least you’re getting the word.


I love YouTube! There are so many different sides to YouTube, I remember spending an hour looking at videos of kittens! yes that side of YouTube. If you can think of it type it in and you will find it. Sometimes when I am down and I need some kind of motivation or pep talk I will type “Motivational Speeches” into the search menu and begin listening to video after video of inspiration and my mood instantly changes. There is something about hearing so many words of positivity being spoken unto you, it transcended your mind and uplifts your spirit.


You guys thought I blog because I hope one day I can make money off my blogs right! Well yes,  hopefully one day I can get paid to do something I love doing, but in all actually I blog because I have so much in my mind I need to get out. It was not at all enough for me to just get my thoughts out in a journal, but I thought maybe I could help someone else. You never know who might be going through the same thing as you and needs your unsolicited help. I love reading blogs and I’ve found so many answers to the things I’ve needed help for just from reading other peoples blogs. Its important to know that sometimes when your feeling down and uninspired helping someone else feel uplifted and inspired does help you too.

*If you can read that like the chorus in Common’s – The Light, song then we understand each other completeley.

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